About The Declaration

American democracy is broken. Instead of a "one person, one vote" system based on the equality of all citizens, we have a system that is corrupted by the influence of big money in politics and marred by the disenfranchisement of millions of Americans. We need a government that includes everyone in the political process and that does not allow the wealthy to buy political influence. We need representative democracy. We need an equal voice.

This year, millions of Americans will be following the elections and wanting to know, "Where do the candidates stand on this issue? Where do my representatives stand?"  Signing the Equal Voice For All Declaration means that you will make it a top priority to realize the promise of a truly equal and representative democracy in the United States. It means that you will use your office to fight for fundamental reforms that give all American citizens an equal voice in government, including:

1. Voting Rights Protections
2. Public, Citizen-Funded Elections
3. A Constitutional Amendment Overturning Citizens United




Contact: equalvoiceforall@gmail.com